Friday, August 2, 2013

Massive Action

Massive Action! That's my plan is to take Massive Action to becoming "1 Healthy Mama!" My hubby and I went to UPW, a Tony Robbins Event in July that truly changed my life! You focus on discovering what your limiting beliefs are and work to change these beliefs into Empowering Beliefs! One of my limiting beliefs was, "I never have enough time, no matter what I do!" After an incredible experience at UPW, I now believe and focus on "I HAVE ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD!" I tell this to myself every morning and repeat it throughout the day when I start to feel overwhelmed and think I won't have enough time, or how am I going to get all this done. What are your limiting beliefs?

At UPW Tony talked about The 3 Pillars of Progress:
1. Get laser-focused, make it clear and compelling- What? Why? "Where focus goes, energy flows!"
2. Get the best tools/map/strategy/coaching for results- Find an expert in the area and get the best!
3. Get into action! Unlock and unleash alignment and integration=Power - Achieve! Success! Contribute! Celebrate! "Massive Action!"

Here are my Pillars:
1. What and Why- I MUST become "1 Healthy Mama" to feel better about myself, have more energy for my husband and children and to lead a healthy and happy life!
2. I am researching and reading as much information as I can find every day! I work out at the best place and have found the best fitness coach! By writing this blog, I am holding myself accountable!
3. Massive Action! This is where I am at today and what I'll be sharing with you! I know it won't be easy and there will be inner conflicts along the way, but I am committed to becoming "1 Healthy Mama!"

"Your life is either a warning or an example!" What will your's be??

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